Spa Treatments & Rates

Piwifyé Kò ‘W (Detox)


ur Piwifyé Kò ‘W (Detox) treatments cleanse your body of toxic or unhealthy substances, stimulate circulation and revitalize your life force. De-clutter your body and your mind. Purify, decongest, and tone your skin with our locally harvested papaya and volcanic mud.

Hot Stone Massage

Detoxify your body and mind with this full body massage using heated therapeutic stones renowned for their healing capabilities. Especially helpful for those that find it difficult to relax and let go.

60 min – $150 USD / 90 min – $200 USD

Papaya Facial

Decongest, cleanse, extract and tone the skin while improving circulation and cellular turnover. This cleansing and revitalizing facial is a workout for your skin.

60 min – $125 USD / 90 min – $165 USD

Get Dirty Volcanic Sulfur Mud Wrap

An essential component of all living cells naturally found in the body yet unfortunately depleting with age, sulfur has many benefits including protecting the skin from environmental damage. Boost, reinvigorate and energize your body with this powerful experience.

90 min – $165 USD

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