Kai Manje Bar

A Tropical Oasis at Ti Kaye Resort

The Kai Manje Bar adds a fresh appeal to the quaint village experience, rivalling the finest choices island wide. Perched on the cliff side overlooking the calm waters below the Kai Manje Bar is superbly designed to live in harmony with its lush natural environment. Newly constructed with an air of mystery tucked away at the end of a stony hallway, guests are spoilt for choice from a well stocked bar serving locally named cocktails while seeping in a stunning visage of the emerald seas to the west and rich silver sandy beaches below. From its unique handcrafted bar trimmings, scalloped with coconut wood to mosaic artistry pristinely scattered on the solid bar, the Kai Manje bar is an extension of the strong theme projected throughout the property. Guests can relax in an unpretentious environment, switching into a tropical mood.