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Complementary Covid -19 antigen testing for stays of 3+ nights.


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Ti Kaye partners up with Our Planet

Ti Kaye, with support from Our Planet has kicked off the Ti Kaye Hotel Recycling Initiative which is the first of its kind in Saint Lucia. Working with a local recycling company, up to 80% of the waste from major hotels in Saint Lucia, which previously went to landfill, will now be collected and exported for recycling in other countries. A meeting organised by Ti Kaye between the recycler and other environmentally conscious hotels was hosted by Windjammer Landings in late January and the recycler is now visiting each hotel from the meeting individually to advise on their waste separation processes. Collection of recyclable materials such as cardboard, paper, aluminium and other metals as well as plastics is expected to begin in March 2016 and will result in significantly less waste being directed to the already overloaded landfill facility. Ti Kaye already turns organic waste from the kitchens into plant compost and is looking at giving food waste to local pig farmers.

No-one wants to see plastic water bottles lying beside the roads or floating in the reefs, especially on an island as beautiful as Saint Lucia. This is why Ti Kaye is working with Our Planet to make the passing of a “bottle bill” a priority for the Saint Lucian government. This bill (locally called the “Returnable containers bill”) will put a value on plastic bottles brought in for recycling and make bottle distributors more accountable for the collection of used bottles. A similar bill introduced in Barbados has resulted in the return of around 90% of plastic bottles sold but the Saint Lucian bill has languished at the drafting stage for many years. Ti Kaye has enlisted the support of the SLHTA as one of their actions for their “year of the environment” announced in January 2016 and hopes that with the support of other members of the hotel and tourism industry we can finally control this “plastic plague”.

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