Anse Cochon Beach

Relax or Play on our Secluded Anse Cochon Beach

Ti Kaye is located in a bay called “Anse Cochon” which translated means “bay of pigs”. Since we are a volcanic island, the dark (basalt) rocks produce a black sand. This mixed with the coral sand gives us the silver or gray sand you find on our beach. Watch out, it gets really hot during the day so wear slippers. We don’t doctor the pictures of the beach on this site. It looks lighter in colour when it is dry and darker when wet. It will never be a white sand beach nor will we attempt to make it so.

There are 166 steps down to the beach. Going down is easy; it’s coming back up that’s hard so just take your time. We do have a Bellhop however, so if you are unable to make it please ask one of our team members to get you a ride.

On the beach you will find hand-made wooden pergolas, wooden sun loungers with luxurious padded cushions, side tables and large Tucci umbrellas along with kayaks, paddle boards and water hammocks. The dive shop has snorkeling equipment for rent and as we are located in 1 of 3 marine reserves there are some great reefs within snorkeling distance from the shore line. There are other beaches South of us and some venture to them on a kayak. Please let us know if you are going and how long you will be for safety reasons.

You will also meet our ‘Beach Dudes & Dudettes’ (yes, that’s an official job title) who will get you sorted right out with whatever your needs are. We also have complimentary Ti Kaye drinking water available to keep you hydrated.

Lastly, please note that all beaches on St. Lucia are public. We are secluded but not private so we do have others to share the beach with.