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‘The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page.’ Saint Augustine


n the volcanic island of Saint Lucia, situated on the Caribbean archipelago with the Atlantic Ocean on the East coast and the Caribbean Sea on the West, the island’s rich heritage is influenced by strong African, Indian and European cultures. With topography so distinct and varied, Saint Lucia’s landscape is riddled with mountains, waterfalls, valleys and beaches; from soft white sand to glistening dark silver grey sands, a direct result of the islands volcanoes. With so much to see, Saint Lucia is the ideal island escape.

On-Site Activities

Off-Site Activities

To achieve the perfect vacation on the perfect island, finding the idyllic resort is half the challenge. Ti Kaye Village Resort & Spa is truly made with the romantic-at-heart in mind with private gingerbread cottages on the cliffside all with a spectacular unobstructed ocean view, a distinguished underground wine cellar, a unique spa oasis and secluded silver sand beach; one of the best on the island for snorkelling and diving. Ti Kaye offers its guests a variety of soft adventure excursions to complete their vacation experience. See listings for more information.
We don’t believe that a vacation is just the resort, the beach and the food. Yes that’s an important part and can be everything however, there is much more to a vacation than these things. You’ve worked hard all year and planned this vacation for a long time so don’t lose the opportunity to see and do more and learn about St.Lucia and its people.
This being our belief, we have put together a resort and a bunch of things to see and do that will really make your vacation here not just a destination but a learning experience and one that you will delight in doing.
Our selection process is rigorous by island standards and we tend to go with ones that are either home grown or non main stream and that offer a certain charm and character. We did it this way so that our guests would not be thrown in with the masses on the other main stream tours offered on island. That way, we have become more personalized and the people with you will most likely be other guests at the resort.

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