Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

Playing our part in the development of our Community


i Kaye Resort and Spa has a vested interest in the welfare of its staff, and has therefore embarked upon a very important initiative. This initiative is geared towards paying fully for the costs of the educational needs of the children of our staff members - The Ti Kaye Education Fund.

The Ti Kaye Education Fund

The Ti Kaye Education Fund seeks to play a very crucial role in providing assistance to all staff members who are parents to children of school age. While public schools on island are free, parents have to meet uniform and book costs which can be very expensive.

To this end, while we do acknowledge that everyone may not be able to give, we are kindly requesting of you to proudly make a voluntary donation of two US dollars ($2) per night of your stay at the resort. Should you be desirous of giving more towards our Ti Kaye Education Fund, we will gratefully accept.

We recognize the significance of quality education to the youth of the nation and the im- pact it will have on the future development of our country. We assure you, therefore, that your voluntary contribution will absolutely go a long way in allowing us the opportunity to support our staff in ensuring that their children attain a very good education, and in turn, gain a better chance of having successful futures.

Feel free to engage in conversation with any staff member and inquire about the differ- ence your contribution will make in their lives and that of their children. The Ti Kaye Edu- cation Fund is voluntarily managed by the staff & owner of the resort and 100% of funds collected will go towards this goal.

Please let the Receptionist at the Front Office know that you wish to make a contribution and she will add the amount you would like to give to your bill.

In anticipation of your kind support, we are sincerely appreciative for your donation as we work towards providing necessary assistance in meeting the educational needs of our staff’s children.

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