Airline Flights & Schedules

Ti Kaye Resort & Spa is situated in Anse Cochon between the villages of Anse La Raye and Canaries. It takes approximately an 80 minute ride from Hewanorra International Airport (UVF) in Vieux Fort at the southern tip of the island, and 40 minutes from George F Charles Airport (SLU) in the north near Castries to get to the resort. Airport transfers can be arranged from both airports to Ti Kaye. Please let us know your arrival information at the time of booking for this service. The airport transfer fees are listed below.

Airport transfers per couple are $180 round trip from UVF, and $120 round trip from SLU.

The information below is updated regularly, and while we try our best to ensure its accuracy we strongly suggest that you also check the airline websites to confirm current schedules.

US Airlift

Airline Route Times Dates
American Airlines MIA-UVF (2295) Daily Jan 1st – Dec 31st
Delta ATL – UVF (339)
ATL – UVF (329)
1 Daily
4/wk (Fri – Mon)
1/wk (Sat only)
Jan 1st – Sept 5th
Sept 9th – Oct 3rd
Jan 2nd – Aug 27th
US Airways Charlotte (CLT) – UVF (823/2077) 6/wk (Sun, Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri, Sat)
1/wk (Sat only)
2/wk (Sat, Sun)
6/wk (Sun, Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri, Sat)
1/wk (Sat only)
1 Daily

Jan 1st – Jan 11th
Jan 16th – Feb 6th
Feb 13th – May 29th
June 2nd – Aug 22nd
Nov 5th – Dec 10th
Dec 15th – Dec 31st

US Airways

Philladelphia (PHL) – UVF (834)

1/wk (Sat only)
1/wk (Sat only)
1/wk (Sat only)
Jan 2nd – 9th
Jan 16th – Apr 30th
Dec 17th – Dec 31st
Jet Blue (B6) JFK-UVF (881), Daily Jan 2nd – Oct 29th
Jet Blue (B6) BOS – UVF (363) 1/wk (Sat only) Jan 2nd – Apr 30th
United Airlines EWR – UVF (UA 1642) 2/wk (Sat, Sun)
1/wk (Sat only)
Jan 2nd – May 1st
May 7th – Aug 27th
United Airlines ORD – UVF 1/wk (Sat only) Jan 2nd – Apr 9th

Canada Airlift

Airline Route Times Dates
Air Canada Air Canada 5/wk (Sun, Mon, Thurs, Fri, Sat)
2/wk (Sun, Sat)
Jan 1st – Apr 4th
Apr 9th – Sept 4th
Air Canada Air Canada Saturdays only
2/wk (Sun, Sat)
Sept 10th – Nov 5th
Nov 6th – Dec 31st
Air Canada Montreal YUL-UVF Mondays only Jan 4th – Apr 4th
WestJet YYZ-UVF (2626) 3/wk (Tues, Thur, Sun)
2/wk (Thur, Sun)
3/wk (Tues, Thur, Sun)
Jan 3rd – Apr 28th
May 1st – Nov 24th
Nov 27th – Dec 31st
Transat Holiday YYZ-UVF (760) Sundays only Jan 3th- Apr 3rd
Transat Holiday YUL-UVF (TS158) Sundays only Jan 3th – Mar 27th

UK Airlift

Airline Route Times Dates
Virgin Atlantic LGW-UVF (VS31) LGW-UVF-ANU ( Sun Only) 5/wk (Sun, Mon, Tues, Thurs, Sat) Jan 2nd – Mar 31st
Virgin Atlantic LGW-UVF-GND-UVF-LGW (Mon & Thur) 4/wk (Sun, Mon, Tues, Thurs) Apr 3rd – Nov 10th
Virgin Atlantic LGW-UVF (VS31) LGW-UVF-ANU on Sun only 5/wk (Sun, Mon, Tues, Thurs, Sat) Nov 12th – Dec 31st
British Airways LGW-UVF-POS-UVF-LGW 6/wk (Mon-Sat) Jan 1st – Dec 31st
British Airways LGW-UVF-GND-UVF-LGW Sundays Only Jan 1st – Dec 31st
FlyThomasCook MAN-UVF-BGI-MAN 1/wk (Thursdays only) Jan 1st – Mar 17th
Nov 10th – Dec 31st

Caribbean Airlift

Airline Route Times Dates
4/wk (Mon, Wed, Fri, Sun)
3 times daily
3/wk (Tues, Thur, Sat)
Jan 1st – Dec 31st
Jan 1st – Dec 31st
Jan 1st – Dec 31st
Jan 1st – Dec 31st
Jan 1st – Dec 31st
Jan 1st – Dec 31st
Air Caraibes (TX411) FDF – SLU 4/wk (Tues, Fri-Sun) Jan 1st – Dec 31st
Air Antillies (3S 367) ORY – FDF – SLU 3/wk (Wed, Fri, Sun) Jan 1st – Dec 31st
Caribbean Airline (BW434) POS – SLU 1 Daily Jan 1st – Dec 31st

Airport transfers are included in packages, but not in daily rates.

If you did not include airport transfers at the time of booking your vacation, please email or call us with your flight itinerary at least 4 days prior to arrival and we will be glad to arrange your airport transfers on request. Otherwise, we will assume that you will arrange and pay for your own transportation to the resort. We cannot be responsible for a transfer requested on arrival.

Saint Lucia is mountainous and while it is a beautiful country, its roads are not suitable for all drivers. We suggest that if you not familiar with the island, you allow us to arrange your transfers when you arrive. Car rentals can be arranged the following day at the resort.

Also noteworthy is our famously bad driveway! We are a mile from the main road so don’t be alarmed when your driver starts down a bumpy winding road, yes you are on the right track.

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